Automatic Scanning of Applications and OS

Almost all of the enterprise applications and Telco nodes have migrated to Linux based operating systems and offer Web based GUIs to monitor and configure the applications or nodes. While applications generally have full stack deployment, network nodes (Routers, Switches, SS7 & Diameter front ends) have trimmed down customized variants of Linux and Web engines. Our security testing Framework can test both Full Stack and customized implementations of OS and Web applications for security vulnerabilities, as well as other known and zero day vulnerabilities. We’ll scan each time a new version of your application is deployed or upgraded for latest known vulnerabilities and attacks. We constantly update our Security database in real time, so you can be confident that your Application and communication nodes are being protected against the latest threats. We regularly incorporate new tests, and consistently score higher than any other scanner on open-source benchmarks

Full Stack

API Scanning

Modern day services are orchestration of individual services through APIs. IoT solutions rely heavily on integration through APIs. Our API Scanner is able to detect vulnerabilities in any API. We ingest API documentation to build a map of all the endpoints on the API and their parameters, including constraints. We fuzz all of the parameters with values generated by analyzing the constraints and validations specified. We test server-side input validation and scan core business logic, and we can find authorization and authentication bypasses by fuzzing authentication workflows.